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ZBA Minutes 071514ZBA_Minutes_071514_1433948091.docxZoning Board of Adjustment Files16.42KbWed, Jun 10 2015
ZBA Minutes 11172015ZBA_Minutes_11172015_1459962973.docxZoning Board of Adjustment Files17.81KbWed, Apr 06 2016
ZBA Proposed amendment 1 Storage Containers as of 11-20-2017ZBA_Proposed_amendment_1_Storage_Containers_as_of_11-20-2017.docxZoning Board of Adjustment Files18.56KbMon, Dec 04 2017
ZBA Proposed amendment 2 Tiny Houses as of 11-20-2017ZBA_Proposed_amendment_2_Tiny_Houses_as_of_11-20-2017.docxZoning Board of Adjustment Files17.51KbMon, Dec 04 2017
ZBA Proposed amendment 3 Building on Class VI roads as of 11-20-2017ZBA_Proposed_amendment_3_Building_on_Class_VI_roads_as_of_11-20-2017.docxZoning Board of Adjustment Files17.59KbMon, Dec 04 2017
ZBA Proposed amendment 4 Preamble as of 11-20-2017ZBA_Proposed_amendment_4_Preamble_as_of_11-20-2017.docxZoning Board of Adjustment Files19.81KbMon, Dec 04 2017
ZBA Proposed amendment 5 Special Exceptions 11-20-2017ZBA_Proposed_amendment_5_Special_Exceptions_11-20-2017.docxZoning Board of Adjustment Files22.03KbMon, Dec 04 2017
ZBA Public Hearing notice 12-12-2017ZBA_Public_Hearing_notice_12-12-2017.docxZoning Board of Adjustment Files17.46KbMon, Dec 04 2017
ZBA Roles Responsibilities 2006ZBA_Roles_Responsibilities_1397054702.pdfZoning Board of Adjustment Files85.01KbWed, Apr 09 2014
ZBA Special Exception Application102017ZBA_Special_Exception_Application102017.pdfBoard of Selectmen Files83.98KbTue, Nov 28 2017
ZBA-Variance Application 102017ZBA-Variance_Application_102017.pdfBoard of Selectmen Files86.14KbTue, Nov 28 2017

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