Andover Budget Committee

Members of Andovers' Budget Committee are elected by legislator body, with the exception of the two members representing the Select Board and School Board, which are appointed by their respective Boards.

The job of the Budget Committee is to review the budgetary recommendations of the governing body and adjust those recommendations as they feel is appropriate for the betterment of the town. It is the Budget Committee's recommendation that you are presented with and asked to vote on at Town Meeting each year.

Budget Committee Members

Donna Crisp Duclos             Term 2025

Jessica Rand                       Term 2025

Mark Cowdrey                      Term 2024

Aimee Herling                       Term  2024

Dana Swenson                     Appointed Sept. 2022 

Open                                    Term

Greg Stetson                       Fire Dept. Ex-Officio 

Kayla Chandler                   School Board Ex-Officio 

Andy Guptill                         Select Board Ex-Officio