Dog Licensing FAQs

At what age do dogs need to be licensed?

State law requires that all dogs 4 months or older must be licensed in New Hampshire. You will need to bring in proof of rabies inoculation and proof of spaying or neutering if the dog is altered.

When should I license my dog?

All dog licenses expire on April 30th. You will need to renew your dog's license annually by this date or penalties and fines will be applicable. There is a one-month grace period before the penalties begin. The penalty is $1.00 per month beginning in June.

What does it cost to license my dog?

$9.00 for a male or female not altered; $6.50 for a spayed or neutered dog; $2.00 for the first dog belonging to a senior citizen over 65 years of age. Dog licenses are not prorated.

Please notify the Town Clerk if you no longer have your dog.

Can I license my dog by mail?

Yes.  Dogs may be licensed by mail if their rabies vaccination is current. If the rabies vaccination has been recently updated or the dog has been altered since its last license, please mail the appropriate certificate(s) with your check. We will return the certificate(s) to you. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. You will also be able to license online.