Motor Vehicle Registration FAQs

Do I need to prove residency to register a vehicle?

Yes. If you are new to Andover and have not changed your address on your driver's license, please bring a utility bill or piece of mail indicating your physical address.

Can I register a vehicle for someone else?

You can process a renewal registration for someone else if you bring in their current registration or their renewal letter. Due to new security regulations we cannot send you out with more information than you bring us. For a registration on a vehicle needing a title, the person that purchased the vehicle must do the initial registration as title application paperwork needs to be signed by the owner.

What vehicles require a title?

In 2015 the State of New Hampshire changed the requirements for titling of vehicles. Any vehicles 2000 and newer needs a title per RSA 261:3. Heavy trucks always need a title. To register a vehicle, you will need to bring a bill of sale, a title  (if the vehicle is a 2000 or newer), or valid New Hampshire registration from the previous owner. If you have only a bill of sale, you will need to have a VIN verification form signed by an authorized agent or a local police officer.

I purchased a vehicle from a New Hampshire licensed auto dealership. What paperwork do I need to bring the clerk to register the vehicle?

You will need to bring the blue or white CTA form with you.

Can I transfer my plates from my old vehicle to my new vehicle?

Yes. The registration must be current because you are transferring the registration and the plates. You must present the old registration so that it can be sent to the DMV. If you do not have the old registration, you may purchase a certified copy for a fee of $18. If you are unsure whether to transfer plates or purchase new ones, we will be happy to help you.

How does a new resident from out-of-state register his/her vehicle?

You will need to bring a current registration, your title, and proof of residency. If you have a lien on the vehicle and do not have a title then you will need to have the name and mailing address of the lien holder.

If there is no lien on your vehicle, you will need to bring in the title, and your vehicle will be registered at that time.

Are fees prorated?

If you are doing a new registration the fees are prorated. If you are doing a 12-month renewal, the rate is fixed regardless of what month you do the renewal.

How is my renewal month determined?

Most renewals are done on the owner's birth date. If the vehicle is registered to a business, then the renewal month is determined by the first letter in the name.

Can I renew my registration by mail?

Yes. We mail reminders prior to the beginning of each month. Please send back the renewal forms for only the vehicles you wish to register. The form indicates the individual town and state fees. If you are renewing more than one vehicle, you may combine the fees on one check made payable to Town of Andover. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of your registration(s).

Can I renew my registration online?

Yes, click here. Once you enter your information, our office is notified electronically and we mail your renewal registration(s) to you.