Recycling Center Usage Guidelines

The facility is open to all Andover Residents.

Users of the facility must obtain a public facilities permit and display on the back seat driver side window, of vehicle(s). Permits may be obtained from the Town Clerk's Office or from the Transfer Station in the amount of $5.00 per vehicle. You must provide proof of residency, i.e., motor vehicle registration, driver’s license and/or tax bill.

Refuse must originate from the Town. The recycling center is for residential use only. Commercial waste will not be accepted.

We are Recycling!!   Here is a brief list of the six catagories for recycling: (Corregated Cardboard broken down, Plastics # 1-7 without caps and rinsed, Metal/tin cans rinsed, Aluminum cans empty only, Mixed Paper, Glass)  need to be separated; other items see the attendant before disposing.

Failure to abide by these regulations or to obey the attendant shall be a violation and disposal privileges may be revoked.