Financial Department

Financial Department Daily Responsibilities

  • Process Accounts Payable Bi-weekly
  • Open, date and stamp incoming mail
  • Distribute mail to department head for approval and coding
  • Once department head approve with signatures, enter and post bills into software
  • Select bills for payment and print AP checks and various required documents for Auditing purposes
  • Prepare AP manifest for selectmen’s signatures
  • Give Treasurer copies of check registers and signed manifests
  • Obtain treasurer’s signature on checks and mail checks
  • File paid bills
  • Obtain taxpayer identification information and insurance for new vendors
  • Load postage machine with postage as needed
  • Maintain/troubleshoot postage machine and supplies
  • Assist employees with the postage meter as needed
  • Research vendor discrepancies
  • Analyze more than 600 expenditure & Revenue accounts 
  • Create and maintain vendor database regarding W-9 and liability insurance coverage
  • Provide Public with Assessment Cards, Maps, etc.
  • Maintain current employee listing
  • Collect , Review and code timesheets weekly
  • Process payments Semi-Annual for elected officials
  • Provide to Public Various Forms: Abatements, Permits, WF Assistance, Timber Tax, Elderly and Veterans Credits.

Human Resources

  • Provide W-4, I-9, medical/dental, LTD/STD, & flexible benefits plan paperwork to new hires
  • Request and Process with State background checks for volunteers, sports programs & new employees
  • File documents in employee folders


  • Assist auditor's in annual audit
  • Pull requested AP paperwork for audit and file when finished with review
  • Provide assistance to employees and citizens as needed
  • Run Expenditure report detail 
  • Provide Finance Director duties when Director is unavailable
  • Process revenue checks in special circumstances (AP refunds, reimbursement checks, etc)
  • Process Timber Tax & Excavation Forms and Compute Taxes thereon
  • Track inventory of supplies and order accordingly
  • Process PA-7 & PA-8 Intents to Cut and Reports of Cut
  • Process PA-38 & PA-39  Intents to Excavate and Reports of Excavation
  • Work with 911 to obtain 911 addresses for new properties
  • Assist in Current Use Applications & follow up
  • Answer phone, distribute and handle incoming calls
  • Process Forms PA-34, match to deeds, pick up deeds from County and record deed data into Avitar
  • Update Avitar for address changes
  • Mail out bid letters and collect responses
  • Receive and distribute inquiries from Website and follow up on responses
  • Provide secretarial / administrative assistant support to Town Administrator and others as needed
  • End of year file management


  • Accounts Payable
  • Print, distribute and file annual tax form's 1099-MISC, 941 and w-2's
  • Allocate charges for large vendors (ie copier, electric, phone, health benefits, retirement)
  • Monitor many online bank accounts
  • Provide annual spreadsheet of propane and heating oil usage for bid pricing
  • Research vendor discrepancies
  • Analyze expenditures accounts 
  • Reconcile accounts with funds received
  • Create and maintain vendor database regarding W-9 and liability insurance coverage
  • Provide departments with expenditure details for budgeting purposes
  • Create Budget for Budget season and upload into accounting software once approved
  • Enter reports into Dept. of Revenue portal through-out the year and after town meeting


  • Calculate monthly NH Retirement employer contribution and manually create EFT payment. 
  • Prepare biweekly NH Retirement reconciliation
  • Enter NH Retirement data online
  • Submit NH Employment Security information for new hires and quarterly reporting
  • Maintain current employee listing
  • Maintain and update payroll files and data (paper and software)
  • Collect timesheets biweekly
  • Review, correct, tally and code timesheets
  • Create summary for each Police timesheet and attach to timesheet
  • Enter payroll data into BMSI and process payroll checks, print various payroll reports
  • Process payments Semi-Annual for elected officials
  • Submit direct deposit information to bank bi-weekly
  • Process payroll taxes, child support payments, garnishment payments, etc
  • Print payroll checks and prepare timesheets for signatures
  • Process and distribute paystubs to employees
  • Write general ledger entry to record payroll taxes
  • File payroll timesheets and payroll run
  • Alert employees to changes in their deduction amounts (ie insurance, etc)
  • Enter the payroll run to the General Ledger
  • Compute and file quarterly federal tax form 941
  • Compute quarterly NH Employer tax and wage report
  • Enter wage information online for NH Employment Security
  • Provide payroll & employment data for worker’s comp claims, employment verifications, etc
  • Prepare, distribute and file annual federal tax form W-2, W-3
  • Maintain spreadsheet of vacation and sick benefits (used and available hours)
  • Provide Police department with annual hours worked for PT officers
  • Create & update spreadsheet with current wage information used in compensation analysis
  • Calculate back pay after assignment of raises
  • Process payment of back pay to employees
  • Process unemployment information requests

Human Resources

  • Provide W4, I-9, medical/dental, LTD/STD, & flexible benefits plan paperwork to new hires
  • Process health insurance and LTD/STD enrollment paperwork with HealthTrust, LLC
  • Analyze and reconcile the health insurance account
  • Provide NH Retirement enrollment forms
  • Submit NH Retirement paperwork to NH Retirement
  • Assist employees with health insurance questions, inquiries
  • Answer employee questions regarding benefits according to the personnel policy
  • Provide and submit employee changes to the health insurance and LTD/STD coverage
  • Process insurance paperwork when an employee is on short-term disability
  • Update and renew the property & liability insurance, workers comp. insurance annually

Finance Assistant

  • Provide assistance to Finance Director as needed
  • Assist in annual audit
  • Pull requested payroll files for audit and file when finished with review
  • Reconcile accounts payable totals in the general ledger
  • Reconcile Funds account
  • Submit Worker’s Compensation claims if Finance Director is unavailable
  • Provide wage census data for US Census and submit paperwork
  • Assist Finance Director with FEMA paperwork
  • Provide assistance to employees and citizens as needed
  • Run Expenditure report detail as requested
  • Provide Finance Director duties when Director is unavailable
  • Collect cash and checks, prepare Selectmen deposits and book into the system
  • Upload tax collector, town clerk, transfer station and Select Board deposits into accounting software system
  • Invoice vendors for police special detail work

Other Duties

  • Maintain Town’s website with all information
  • End of year file management
  • Create & Manage Town Report Creation, send to print company and make sure they are available for town a week before town meeting 

Staff Contacts

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Town Treasurer