Financial Department

Financial Department Daily Responsibilities

Process Accounts Payable weekly

Open, date and stamp incoming mail

Distribute mail to department head for approval and coding

Once department head approve with signatures, enter and post bills into software

Select bills for payment and print AP checks and various required documents for Auditing purposes

Prepare AP manifest for selectmen’s signatures

Give Treasurer copies of check registers and signed manifests

Obtain treasurer’s signature on checks and mail checks

File paid bills

Maintain vendor W-9 and insurance files

Obtain taxpayer identification information and insurance for new vendors

Load postage machine with postage as needed

Maintain/troubleshoot postage machine and supplies

Assist employees with the postage meter as needed

Research vendor discrepancies

Analyze more than 600 expenditure & Revenue accounts 

Create and maintain vendor database regarding W-9 and liability insurance coverage

Provide Public with Assessment Cards, Maps, etc. and collect and record petty cash

Maintain current employee listing

Collect , Review and code timesheets weekly

Process payments quarterly for elected officials


Human Resources

Provide W-4, I-9, medical/dental, LTD/STD, & flexible benefits plan paperwork to new hires

Request and Process with State background checks for volunteers, sports programs & new employees

Provide to Public Various Forms: Abatements, Permits, WF Assistance, Timber Tax, etc.



Assist auditor in annual audit

Pull requested AP paperwork for audit and file when finished with review

Provide assistance to employees and citizens as needed

Run Expenditure report detail 

Provide Finance Director duties when Director is unavailable

Process revenue checks in special circumstances (AP refunds, reimbursement checks, etc)

Process Timber Tax & Excavation Forms and Compute Taxes thereon

Track inventory of supplies and order accordingly

Process PA-7 & PA-8 –Intents to Cut and Reports of Cut

Process PA-38 & PA-39 – Intents to Excavate and Reports of Excavation

Work with 911 to obtain 911 addresses for new properties

Assist in Current Use Applications & follow up

Answer switchboard, distribute and/or handle incoming calls

Process Forms PA-34, match to deeds, pick up deeds from County and record deed data into Avitar

Update Avitar for address changes

Mail out bid letters and collect responses

Receive and distribute inquiries from Website and follow up on responses

Provide secretarial/administrative assistant support to Town Administrator and others as needed

End of year file management




Accounts Payable

Print, distribute and file annual tax form 1099-MISC

Allocate charges for large vendors (ie copier, electric, phone, health benefits, retirement)

Monitor many online bank account balances

Provide annual spreadsheet of propane and heating oil usage for bid pricing

Research vendor discrepancies

Analyze expenditures accounts 

Reconcile Comstar billing with funds received

Create and maintain vendor database regarding W-9 and liability insurance coverage

Provide departments with expenditure details for budgeting purposes


Calculate monthly NH Retirement employer contribution

Prepare biweekly NH Retirement reconciliation

Enter NH Retirement data online

Submit NH Employment Security information for new hires

Maintain current employee listing

Maintain and update payroll files and data (paper and software)

Collect timesheets biweekly

Review and code timesheets

Create summary for each Police timesheet and attach to timesheet

Enter payroll data into BMSI and process payroll checks

Process payments quarterly for elected officials

Submit direct deposit information to bank

Process payroll taxes, child support payments, garnishment payments, etc

Print payroll checks and prepare timesheets for signatures

Place payroll checks in envelopes and distribute on payday

Write general ledger entry to record payroll taxes

File payroll timesheets and payroll run

Alert employees to changes in their deduction amounts (ie insurance, etc)

Merge the payroll run to the General Ledger

Compute and file quarterly federal tax form 941

Compute quarterly NH Employer tax and wage report

Enter wage information online for NH Employment Security

Provide payroll and employment data for worker’s comp claims, employment

   verifications, etc

Prepare, distribute and file annual federal tax form W-2, W-3

Maintain spreadsheet of vacation and sick benefits (used and available hours)

Provide Police department with annual hours worked for PT officers

Create &update spreadsheet with current wage information used in compensation analysis

Calculate back pay after assignment of raises

Process the payment of back pay to employees

Process unemployment information requests


Human Resources

Provide W4, I-9, medical/dental, LTD/STD, & flexible benefits plan paperwork to new hires

Process health insurance and LTD/STD enrollment paperwork with HealthTrust, LLC

Provide NH Retirement enrollment forms

Submit NH Retirement paperwork to NH Retirement

Assist employees with health insurance questions, inquiries

Answer employee questions regarding benefits according to the personnel policy

Provide and submit employee changes to the health insurance and LTD/STD coverage

Process insurance paperwork when an employee is on short-term disability



Provide assistance to Finance Director as needed

Assist auditor in annual audit

Pull requested payroll files for audit and file when finished with review

Reconcile the payroll and accounts payable totals in the general ledger

Reconcile the payroll tax accounts for year end

Reconcile Funds account for annual audit

Analyze and reconcile the health insurance account

Submit Worker’s Compensation claims if Finance Director is unavailable

Provide wage census data for US Census and submit paperwork

Assist Finance Director with FEMA paperwork

Provide assistance to employees and citizens as needed

Run Expenditure report detail as requested

Provide Finance Director duties when Director is unavailable

Update and renew the property & liability insurance annually

Collect cash and checks, prepare deposits and book into the system

Enter tax collector and town clerk deposits into system

Invoice Transfer Station charges

Make Collection Calls on Transfer Station Invoice - Non payment from Citizens

Invoice vendors for police special detail work




Maintain Town’s website with all information

End of year file management

Manage Town Report Creation for 70 pages

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